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Sharing a band [Jan. 7th, 2007|01:25 am]
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[music |Nightwish...duh]

Ok, so this is my attempt at embedding Youtube stuff into my journal...here goes nothing...

Lately, I've been stuck on a new band that really isn't all that new. I heard about Nightwish years ago, but I'd never really listened to anything by them before. I am officially in love with them, but even more so with their attention to making unbelievably wonderful videos. I think the best description I've heard for them so far is operatic goth metal, and if that isn't a reason to at least listen out of shear unmittigated curiousity I don't know what is...

This is the video for the 2005 version of the song "Sleeping Sun":

This is the video for "Over the Hills and Far Away":

And the video for "Leaving You for Me" with the lead singer Tarja Turunen with a Martin Kesici after she left Nightwish: